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Handy Talkie Baofeng BF-888S
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Last Updated
07 Mar 2020
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Specification of

Handy Talky Baofeng BF-888S UHF / VHF has general specifications:

Working Frequency: 400-460 Mhz (UHF)
Output Power <5 Watt (Never measured, but read in the forum discussion about 2 Watt power)
Channel Capacity: 16 Channels
Voltage Batters: 3.7 Volt
Size: 11.5 cm x 6 cm x 3.3 cm (not including buttons and antenna)
Net Weight: 150 grams
16 Channel Memory
Tone 50 CTCSS and 104 CDCSS
LED flashlight (flashlight)
Low Battery Alert
Battery Saver
Timer Time-out
VOX feature
Antenna type: Female SMA

The Advantages of Baofeng BF-888S:
Tiny body when held
Broader range than walkie talkies
Li-Ion batteries are durable and easy to replace
Practical because 16 channels are available that are ready to use
Hard audio with clear sound quality
There are LED lights that can be used as emergency lights
Frequency can be changed as needed
Accessories are very easy to get

Baofeng HT BF-888S is a ht with 2 watts of power that can be operated in a band frequency of UHF 400-470MHz, not VHF. If we look at this body ht, we can see the price and specifications of the Baofeng HT BF-888S have a small body. Dimensions without antennas and buttons are in the numbers 103 x 60 x 33mm. Not big or big. Its small size is very right in your hand. Plus the light weight is around 120 grams (empty condition).

Baofeng HT BF-888S is designed not to have an LCD screen. 16 memory channels available. In addition, for setting and changing the frequency can use a PC / computer. So, we can change this frequency setting according to our needs. And no less important, the Baofeng BF-888S HT is very easy to use even for beginners.

Features of HT Baofeng BF-888S
This one Handy Talky does have some interesting features, including the following:

50 CTCSS / 105 CDCSS. This code is a squelch code. So, we can set HT radio in such a way so that the beam can be heard by anyone, but listeners cannot speak karen in "lock" or locked by using a certain code. The code is called CTCSS, namely the Continuous Tone Coded Squelch System and there is also a DCS called the Digital Coded Squelch System. For setting the code, we must use a computer and special software.

Vox Function. This feature allows you to communicate with the person you are talking to without having to press the PPT (Push to Talk) button. As soon as we automatically speak, we say it is transmitted as when the PPT button is pressed. However, to use this feature, ht must be connected to the earphone first.
PC Programming. The purpose of this feature is that we can set frequencies and other feature features using PCs and software.

Time Out Timer. This feature has the function to limit the time or duration we speak. If we talk too long, automatically the beam will be interrupted. For setting this feature we can use a PC and software, of course.

Battery Saver. The price feature and specifications of this Baofeng BF-888S HT are those that are used to save battery life. If we don't use within 10 seconds, then this battery saver feature will work. So that the battery is not used up in vain.

Hard and clear audio
In addition to the lightweight and tiny design, Baofeng BF888S also has loud Audio quality. Even hard is not enough if the sound produced is not clear. In addition to the audio LOUD, the sound quality that HT has is also clear so that communication is smoother because the information received is clearer.

Speaking of battery capacity, Baofeng BF-888S is equipped with a new power battery, which is 2,800mAh lithium-ion BF-888s model which is more durable and of course very easy to replace. The previous Baofeng has a 1,500mAh battery capacity. With the increase in battery capacity, of course BF-888S is more durable and durable in its use.

With a battery of 2,800mAh and a design without an LCD screen, Baofeng BF-888S is more durable to use. In addition to without an LCD screen, BF-888S is also equipped with a Battery Saver feature that serves to save battery and Low Battery Alert which serves to give a warning when the battery condition is LOW and must be charged immediately.

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