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Handy Talky Alinco

Handy talky is one type of radio communication device that is widely used for various purposes. This tool can be used for communication security, workers and other professions that require intense communication. Handy talky is known as Two Way Radio or two-way radio, which can conduct two-way talks, but the sender of the message and the recipient cannot speak to at the same time. Handy talky has a greater frequency range and is free compared to walky talky. handy talky (HT) is different from Walky talky. This tool is used for temporary communication because the channel can be changed at any time. Most handy talkies are used to perform both functions, namely talking or listening.

Alinco offers a quality handy talky with clear sound and modern features. Our products have proven their quality and excellence so that they can be relied on for your industry.

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